Domestic Violence Month: My Testimony

Today, I was a featured guest on the Sisters 4 Self Care Call.
Sisters 4 Self-care is an organization and support group who empowers women to honor their self worth and value their self-care. An opportunity for women who are victims of domestic violence, divorced, depressed, victor of disease and or seeking support to live and be inspired to dance again. Founded by Terri Wellness Coach Jackson Carson a certified wellness coach and lifestyle entrepreneur, Terri’s desire is to educate women and others that your health is your wealth and to live in true balance.

For free wellness information and inspiration join us for our Sisters 4 Self-care Wellness Wednesdays from 8:30am to 8:45am just Text the letters S4S to 55469. You will get FREE Conference Call Information.
It was an honor to share my testimony with the women of Sisters 4 Self-Care.
Become a Sisters4 Selfcare member – send request to


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