My Inspiration!


Many of you do not know this about me, but I lost my mom at the age of 12. She was a victim of domestic violence. After the tragedy, (and other trials and tribulations) I began to exhibit dysfunctional attributes of an orphan, also known as “The Orphan Heart Condition.” “An orphaned heart is an “unhealed heart” fostered by a lack of parenting (both physical and/or biblical.)” (Treat, 2003)

For years, I was functioning with an “unhealed heart.” My goal was to survive this “rat race” called life. That prospective was detrimental to my health, relationships and the possibility of having a bright future. I was considered saved and played a part in the church community. However, I was still bound by fear, anger and bitterness.
My healing process began when I became a member of New Dimension Church. There I was challenged to deal with the injuries that I sustained from my past trauma. For years, I have been walking around with an open wound. It has been a long journey! I can honestly say that I am in a really healthy place in my life. I have made the decision to no longer survive. I want to DREAM again!
On June 15th, 2013, (my mother’s 60th birthday) I will be launching a new YouTube channel called Heeling Ministry. Here we will talk about every aspect of healing and wholeness.
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Thank you for your time.

God Bless
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